Kisipanakak Wilderness Camp

      That Education is a blend of culture, tradition and technology, the program will encourage our First Nation youth to pursue career educational paths in Science and Engineering. It will offer a number of children an opportunity to participate in the First Nation Science and Summer Camp.
      Kisipanakak Wilderness Camp is situated ten (10) miles south of the Cross Lake First Nation along the Nelson River. The Kisipanakak Wilderness camp was constructed in the fall of 1995. The building is over 3000 square feet. It contains two (2) sleeping areas, each for males and females. The camp is fully equipped with a kitchen facility and a large  common room area. Each sleeping area has a fire exit door. The camp  can accomodate thirty (30) people.
      The program commences in July through August and will operate for six (6) weeks. The camp is staffed with 1 Camp Co-Ordinator, 2 Camp Supervisors, 1 Cook, 1 Cook's Helper and Elders. The Elders are actively invovled in teaching the traditional skills of the camp. The students will enrich their Cree Language and learn more about their language and learn that their people have a history, a land base, and all the resources. The program will enrich their physical, emotional, mental, spiritual growth.
      This camp is also open for staff to use for camping and weekend outs. Must book in advance to use.